Our mission
Our business operations are based on companies within the restaurant business that know their market, respond to the needs and expectations of their clientele and are embodied by their owner, who also works at the restaurant. In addition, our competent, enthusiastic staff and the high quality of our operations are the strong foundation we build on.

Our vision

We produce memorable experiences for our customers who return to our restaurants again and again, knowing they will receive excellent service and excellent products.

Values of the RK Group

The values of the RK Group were established already in 1998.

Loyalty to our customers

We listen to our customers and are, first and foremost, there for them: our every decision is visible on the customer’s plate.

Loyalty to our partners

We are an open, loyal and determined partner that develops best practices together with our partners.

Profitable operations
Our aim is a strategy of simultaneous growth and profitability, which ensures both continuity and the positive results of our operations.

Continuous development

We develop our operations as well as ourselves, see changes as opportunities, and encourage our employees on the path of lifelong learning.


As a responsible employer, we take care of the health and wellbeing of our employees both in and outside of work, with our extremely extensive employee benefits. We require responsibility in business operations from all of our partners, and continuously develop our own operations to become even more responsible.