The four decades of Ravintolakolmio

The Ravintolakolmio Group is a family business of more than 40 years, run by the second generation. The Group consists of 15 unique restaurants in the Helsinki region. All in all, the Group employs some 150 people, and the estimated total turnover for 2019 was approximately MEUR 24,5.

Ravintolakolmio is renowned for its original, unique restaurants, considered true classics, located in the heart of Helsinki. Each restaurant is one of a kind – all the way to the menu, the classic dishes and the seasonal theme weeks. Our versatile selection of restaurants is sure to provide the perfect venue for private and business customers, for larger and smaller events and parties alike.

As an employer, the Ravintolakolmio Group is known for comprehensive employee benefits and great possibilities to advance one’s career. We collaborate closely with educational institutions in the restaurant and catering business, which enables a useful on-the-job learning period for some 100 future professionals of the restaurant industry each year.

The strong expertise of the Group is complemented by central partners and key people who are closely involved in developing the restaurant operations together with the Keskinen family, i.e. Jenni and Joonas. In 2016, Executive Chef Sami Hiltunen joined the Group’s board and operations, guiding the group towards the trends of tomorrow.

In the past four decades, the Ravintolakolmio restaurants have grown to become a significant operator in the Finnish restaurant business. Despite the growth and changes during this journey, the original values of the family business are still strongly evident in the operations of the restaurant, and in its relations to its customers and staff as well as its partners. Thank you for joining us on this journey we make together.